Personal Quotes from Index Users

“This is great information to use personally and professionally.”

“I actually liked the logic models the most and would show them to my employees. My employees see health equity as treating everyone equally. The logic models show the connection between social determinants of health and everything else.”

“The site seems to have accurate, very useful information not available elsewhere.”

“I loved it and liked the outcomes very much. I liked the focus on the communities of color and social determinants of health. That was great.”

“I think it would appeal to health educators the most, but anyone dealing in behavioral health. I also think young professionals and young people in college and high school would find this Index useful.”

“This site gives additional tools for grassroots organizations that want to engage this work and move into action and next steps. Grant writing and program development work are now possible for grassroots efforts with the breadth and depth of this tool.”

“This is not supposed to be the ultimate problem solving tool for all practitioners. As a practitioner, there’s enough information in the Index now for you to move forward with concrete action steps. It’s important to manage expectations for both GRAAHI and the community as this tool rolls out.” 

“I like that the site gives you options. Most websites or tools don’t give you any options.”