Data Profile

2021 - Kent County, Michigan 

Profile Summary & Overview

This is the Data Profile for Kent County, Michigan. The indicators are color coded to show the health status for Kent County or the Grand Rapids-Wyoming metropolitan area compared to Michigan and the United States. Eighteen indicators represent data for the Grand Rapids-Wyoming metropolitan area and not Kent County and include: diabetes, obesity, overweight, asthma, depression, poor mental health, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, dental care, disability, arthritis, physical activity, tobacco use, binge drinking, fruit consumption, vegetable consumption, health care costs and homeownership. Rate years and data sources can be viewed by clicking the (i)nfo icon below each rate. To navigate through this Data Profile, click the tabs above (Summary, Health Outcomes, Health Behaviors, etc.). The table on the right provides the coding logic. Click any indicator to view its data. 

Health Outcomes
Breast Cancer Deaths
Heart Disease Deaths
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Infant Mortality
Injury Mortality
Lead Poisoning in Children
Lung Cancer Deaths
Poor Mental Health Days
Prostate Cancer Deaths
Stroke Deaths
Teenage Births

Health Behaviors
Binge Drinking
Breastfed Infants
Dental Care
Excessive Drinking
Fruit Consumption
Immunized Children
Physical Activity
Physical Inactivity
Tobacco Use
Vegetable Consumption

Social Determinants of Health
Children in Poverty
Income Level
No High School Diploma
Health Care Costs
Health Care Coverage
Uninsured Children
Child in Single-Parent Households
Home Ownership
Severe Housing Problems
Access to Exercise Opportunities
Access to Healthy Foods
Air Pollution
Exposure to Violent Crimes
Child Abuse/Neglect
Civic Engagement
Inadequate Social Support

Indicator Code Explanation
The Kent County or Grand Rapids rate is better than Michigan AND the US rates.
The Kent County or Grand Rapids rate is better than Michigan OR the US rate.
The Kent County or Grand Rapids rate is worse than Michigan AND the US rates.
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