--W.K. Kellogg Foundation 

Index Lead/Developer
--Andrae Ivy, MPH  |  GRAAHI's Research Coordinator

Index Consultants
--Stephen Borders, PhD  |  Associate Professor at Grand Valley State University
--Michelle Gourdine, MD  |  CEO of Michelle Gourdine and Associates, LLC
--Claudia Leiras, PhD, MS  | Associate Professor at Grand Valley State University
--Quentin Moore, MPH  |  Director, Population Health and Disparities Prevention at Trinity Health
--Khan Nedd, MD  |  Physician/Medical Director/Infusion Associates
--Kaee Ross, MPH/MSW  |  Public Health Advisor at the Department of Health and Human Services
--Jelani Zarif, PhD  |  Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Focus Group Facilitators
--Marques Beene, MSW  |  Principal, Creative Academic Networks
--Martha Gonzalez-Cortes, MA  |  CEO, Gonzalez-Cortes and Associates, LLC

Avatar Voices
--Aaron Estrada  |  GRAAHI's Community Health Worker
--Tony Jolliffi  |  GRAAHI's Fatherhood Coordinator
--Claudia Leiras, PhD, MS  |  Associate Professor at Grand Valley State University
--Kyle Lim  |  Project Coordinator for the Grand Rapids Urban League
--Brandan McBride  |  GRAAHI's Community Health Worker
--Kelsey Peterson, MPH  |  Interned with GRAAHI
--Tiffany Pierce  |  GRAAHI's Community Health Worker
--Shannon Wilson, MPH  |  GRAAHI's former Executive Director

Index Assistance
--Hae Won Choi   |   Interned with GRAAHI
--Teniola Okun   |   Interned with GRAAHI
--Kelsey Peterson, MPH   |  Interned with GRAAHI
--Brenton Spiker   |   Interned with GRAAHI
--GRAAHI's staff