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The Grand Rapids African American Health Institute (GRAAHI) is a leading organization devoted towards improving health equity for Blacks in Grand Rapids and across the state of Michigan. Being a research-driven organization, GRAAHI utilizes its Health Equity Index and other research efforts to identify health inequities across Grand Rapids using national, state and local sources. In addition, GRAAHI promotes evidence-based resources and recommendations to combat these inequities, providing Michigan residents with valuable information to achieve positive health outcomes and behaviors.

GRAAHI is sharing this video on health equity developed by the Health Equity Institute at San Francisco State University. To learn more about the Health Equity Institute and its mission, click here.

GRAAHI operates under the following four pillars:





Purposes of this Index

Shows you health equity and disparity issues in West Michigan

Serves as a data and disparity center for hospitals, universities, businesses and homes

Informs the academic and grant efforts of medical and nonprofit organizations 

Provides you resources and recommendations to improve health equity outcomes


Anyone can use this Index—community members, practitioners or policy makers. This Index shows you the health culture in West Michigan.

They are factors or conditions (e.g., where you live, your job status, your health insurance status) that affect your overall health. They are, usually, not directly related to your health. See GRAAHI's social determinants of health.

If national, state and county-level data were available for a health topic no later than 2010, that health topic was included in this Index.

It is the practice of providing everyone, especially those with the fewest resources and greatest health disparities such as Blacks, with enough opportunities, resources and support to achieve optimal levels of health.

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